For Tomi, Lea and Bea

Slow song

Pelicans a few,
mourn slow their wings blue,
untouched a calm sea below,
listens Bea’s distant song,
till all its notes dissolve.


Above, next to a swirling spade
she lays her green web,
so we all knit nights ebb,
beneath her peaceful shade.

I write these lines from where we first met.
The sea is quiet. Just a breeze, few people and some pelicans.
I’m with friends that are staying over for some days. I’ve met them a few days ago.
Took them in to stay at home and they turned to be amazing, daring and so happy young people,
that they’ve brought so merry moments I will not forget.  It was Tomi (Finland), Lea (Croacia) and Bea (Germany) that rather took me in, really. They’ve been travelling as a way of life for a couple of years, and they see no end. You can find some photos of their days at home and the hammocks we stacked vertically hanging from the walls to fit (

In my thoughs a lot to tell, as I’ve had the most amazing ceremonial days. Went off the jungle for a while.
Let me just share for the time being, that I a Maya ritual baptism attended, and while seeking to greet the honoured subject,
it was me I met in the middle of copal smoke, just below white clouds that opened to a circle above in the air.

Are you merry, Meredith? I am, so much.



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