On the municipal dump of Tulum

It has been some days since we have published new articles on the Series, but we are cooking!

Here is the second and latest series post regarding the municipal dump of Tulum, co-written with Mona Deutschmann.

The entry has just been published in her blog. Have you seen it already?

Tulum waste dump in km 10 on the 109 Tulum-Cobá route (heading west and uphill Tulum),  now serves all but one of the nine towns that form the district, namely: Tulum town , Akumal, Chanchén Primero, Francisco Uh May, Macario Gómez, San Juan and Punta Allen. Only Chemuyil has it own waste dump; it only accounts for 0.7% of all trash.

Towns in Tulum Municipality district
Towns in Tulum Municipality district

The article lays down current dump status as time to reach its saturation runs out, explains potential risks and important areas of opportunity seeking reader awareness and reports on the latest comments (June, Foro del Agua) from Tulum municipality Ecology authorities on remediation of current dump and opening of a new one.


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