A simple way to focus in giving your best

Well, we are born with one certainty, of any:  We die.
That is, we cease to have problems as we sometimes come to describe them.

Time, there is only so much of it for us here. It is clearly not a renewable resource.
What we can aim at  though, is that something transcends our bodily stay here and this can only happen by our deeds. Nothing else really depends on us. So living our span called life in a sustainable way for whatever it lasts, is basically getting this deeds done . It just happens then that ontologically they cannot be only for us, can they? It would be unsustainable and probably not a way to transcend through them at all. Transcending is not having been loved or then remembered by name or role. It would be nice to be remembered because you actually got something going to better other people’s lives through your deeds.

That, for me, is one way to focus and channel our skills (“gifts” if we believe in having had at least a portion of the  “skills” we have , actually inherited or given and we happen to see and believe in them in some point of our life) , to do our deeds. I would call this the natural way to assume  ownership and become gladly accountable.

Makes you think about the timing and manner to make ripples in the whole pond, if you have to do so at all.

Does it not?

In the next post, I’ll share with you a story I witnessed  last Saturday that triggered these thoughts.
Running out to make some photos of other living beings in the meantime!


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