We are connected in authentic moments

On my way to lunch a few days ago, I was chewing on very nice insight that had reached me the previous night, on what being “de la banda” means (see La Banda, Tulum y El Cambio).

My friend Tania identified shortly after her arrival  in Tulum, that its positive energy was a primal ingredient she found made her flow, in gushes. “This feeling relaxes us and lets us be touched by the Divine in people, nature and the Universe.” Try that on any large city!

Kim Schultz a fiend, improv teacher and professional actress and a most interesting woman, says it this way in this talk-show interview:

We are connected in authentic moments.

Coming together for authenticity, spirituality and mysticism might well be part of what la banda represents. We are also and humbly said, hope.

Do you live in Tulum? What do you think?


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