Slave of words

I was in Akumal at Kim Schultz‘ “Finding your voice in writing”, this Saturday. Wow! it is a deeply powerful one-day experience.

This is my voice as it finished:        — at Tortuga bay, Akumal.
Slave of words

“I am a slave, I succumb to words.
How words take me, rendering me permeable.
Penetrating my walls, like the tiniest mosquito still stings my skin.
Leaving me naked while feeling nudity.
Turning me flesh and bones,
heart-pulsating life within.
Life happening.

If they are, the hiss of a tongue,
I shall not care for its lies, nor truth.
I will just listen to them, hypnotised
like and addict stung, waiting
just to be lost.

If they, have a face,
I shall not look to see,
who are they coming from.
It does not matter.
I will know for its words.

If they are my voice,
or the echo of theirs,
I shall have them be heard,
and will inevitably want
to linger.

But if they are the words of you,
by my side,
I shall ask of you to speak the voice of Love
and will go to bed
with the hiss of your tongue.”





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