There is no separate self

The article and link below came to me one early morning and I found I just had to share it.
It gave closure to what had happened the day before.
I had had a very special day listening friends and being listened at. We spoke of our lives.
We did so in a way we opened up and reached to our friend and to us reflected in our friend.
It was a moving day full of gifts and insight.
That night, I finished the day hearing a group of very brave people talk about their issues, in a project I’m participating;
There was no other difference with what they had gone through, felt and done, that I had not lived and felt as well.
None, except drinking too much.I learned about myself so much, by listening to wonderful people. I thank them.

Here’s the quote:

Whatever we do to encourage others, encourages us as well because — in truth — there is no separate self. The more we understand this, not only are we willing to extend a helping hand, whatever that may be… but we’re also much less likely to judge another because… we’ve seen that we are the other.

If you want to help another, free yourself, or at least make that your sole intention.

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