A few weeks ago I had a wonderful opportunity to make a series of photos for my good friend Cristina Lore Androne regarding her healing project in Montreal. We had spoken about it for sometime and got to storyboard the session and select locations in Tulum. The stars shone their light on us and the project and blessed we were by an unsurmountable location made available to us thanks to Claudio, a nice, soft spoken and supporting friend that manages Cesiak Centro Ecológico Sian Ka’an, who’s intervention made the shooting feasible for us it being a pro-bono project. One day left to go and we had no model. As Cristina and myself drove our bikes into the Sian Ka’an reserve that afternoon in a then deserted road it occurred to her to ask me how was “wonderful” said in German language. So I replied promptly “Wunderbar”. What I heard back was not a “thank you” nor Cristina’s voice at all; Another bicycle wheel eerily entered the very last angle of my field of vision and filled the two-metre void between our parallel bikes. “Wunderbar” echoed a manly voice, that startled us. The climax broke into laughter. It was a lively Danish young man on his way to snorkelling, we greeted warmly. We stopped at Cesiak. He – Per Ostersen – carried on. A couple of hours later as we visited Cesiak’s dock, Per happened to pass by on his way back and we met again. We invited him over to our discovery and it was there that he accepted helping us with modelling. On the very cold and extremely windy morning of the shooting, on the next day, we were double lucky to have such an enthusiastic and very used to cold weather friend with us, as he took his shirt off. It was 7 am at the dock. The session was a bliss. We were very blessed with the beautiful light, polarised by a white cloud overcast and the thatch roofing. The following is a © sample of the shooting, I’m glad to share it with you, as I was very grateful of having worked with Cristina and Per on it:

— with Cristina Lore Androne and Per Ostersen at Cesiak.

Cris & Per at Cesiak dock
Cris & Per at Cesiak’s dock

Photo © Juan Ayza 2013.


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