Children and puppets in Cheran

After having worked for over a week with these marvellous kids, I could not help to feel that, in a sense they happen to resemble very much the puppets they created out of tree leaves and branches. That is, not necessarily in how they look alike, but rather on their traits in behaviour and their roles in the group.

Peace camp activities include drawing, painting, making puppets, learning photography basics (visual arts), acting, playing team games, discussion (local and global perspectives for example) as well as guided meditation (with music) and breathing techniques like Breath Of Peace or BOP.


Here’s some photos for you to consider ;-). Photos on Cheran and of our working team are included as well.


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2 thoughts on “Children and puppets in Cheran

  1. i love this site, it is so uplifting, it reminds me so much of the work a man in India is doing with children in the slums of calcutta, children wise beyond their years to bring safe, fresh, water into their neighborhood, these images of the children and their puppets so beautiful, so full of light and hope…. i love how you are empowering them to honor their land, reclaim their heritage. you are a hero in my eyes and i look forward to more updates, brightest blessings to you and the children and the people of Cheran

    1. Candice, thank you for your kind comments.
      I’m just grateful and blessed to be here and share what I can to make what you mention, happen in this children.
      They really need to “plant” (literal) their future.
      I’m part of a geographically diverse group of younger enthusiasts that use Canada’s Children Peace Theatre techniques together with Clown, Video and Photography and a lot of creativity to make this possible. La Bufón S.O.S.ial has been in several other Mexican villages doing this, for example in Yaxunah, and Bacalar in Quintana Roo, a state in the Yucatan Peninsula. In Yaxunah conflict was a result of discrimination for being Maya! It’s reassuring and most fulfilling to see that kids sing in Maya in this village now and adults too. The anthropologist that lives there had not seen this happen in thirty something years! La Bufon’s next destination is Chiapas. Colombia is also in the works.

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