Children Peace Camp in Cheran: Play final sprint!

Children gave us all a pleasant surprise yesterday afternoon as they took charge of their own acting and scenography groups and rehearsed their plays scripts in hand, or painted and built set decoration. We named kids aged 11 and 12, guides for that experience. Presentations and scenography work were amazing.


Curious about the play?


Well, in one of the scenes, it will feature a very special type of Ninja warriors: they strive to seed and plant trees and recover their forests as they had them before indiscriminate felling did away with them. They are warriors of light, bringing life back to the forests.


The script of the play is totally the children’s.


In the last hour of the workshop they got to make the masks base for the Ninja characters.

They had a ball!  Here are some photos for you to watch.

We are to present it Sunday 15th.



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