Water. A life passion and the basis of life.

Interview with Biologist Olmo Torres-Talamante While doing research and analysing Tulum challenges, we learned that actually everything has a close relationship with water: We needed to investigate more closely, so we interviewed Olmo Torres-Talamante, a young experienced character who has dedicated his life to studying groundwater, Cenotes (sinkholes) and underground rivers in the Yucatan Peninsula […]

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On the municipal dump of Tulum

It has been some days since we have published new articles on the Series, but we are cooking! Here is the second and latest series post regarding the municipal dump of Tulum, co-written with Mona Deutschmann. The entry has just been published in her blog. Have you seen it already? Tulum waste dump in km […]

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Can paradise be sustainable?

White sand beaches, Caribbean waters and an incredible reef make Tulum a tourism Mecca. Its booming tourism industry is driving unprecedented growth but threatening its sustainability as well. Photo: Tulum Ruins, Mexico Our inability to cope with Tulum’s outstanding growth as a single integrated community sharing a common vision of a sustainable future, is now a serious threat […]

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