El Papel del Espíritu

“Als das Kind Kind war, wußte es nicht, daß es Kind war, alles war ihm beseelt, und alle Seelen waren eins.” Lied Vom Kindsein – Peter Handke. Der Himmel über Berlin – Win Wenders 1987. “…Cuando el niño, niño era, no sabía que niño era, todo desde el alma era, y todas las almas una […]

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On Art

On Art  (an epiphany to creation) Oh but, stop! Quiet. Still! For it is happening. Like dawn’s telling of sunrise, like the wind’s combing of lake water, as it fills my sail out of its flapping confusion, into its journey. As a child’s birth, witnessed. Like the undeniable arrival, of a presence, that whispers to […]

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