Recent assignments

A NewCo feasibility study: fashion demand estimation and catalogue direct selling – The case of Lingerie.

September 2017 – April 2018

Startup’s market research, involving Apparel industry, focusing in the Lingerie market (WW & Mexico) and Direct Sales channels.

Contact: Adrian Alvarez, CEO, Skills-Depot

Money laundering and corruption in Mexico

December 2016 – January 2017

Project research & executive outline for understanding money laundering and corruption in Mexico (not published).

Contact: Adrian Alvarez, CEO, Skills-Depot

Data-based storytelling: Mexico’s mortality rates analysis

July – December 2016

An analysis of Mexico’s mortality rates as per 2014 census (INEGI) official data for disease, accidents and violence related causes, plus additional graphical presentation and simulation tools derived from it. The collected works also compared our rates to those for USA (CDC data, 2014). Work due for publishing by Skills-Depot.

Content links below are in Spanish language, are only for resumé purposes, are intellectual property of Skills-Depot and are not being licensed nor authorised for any use or referal at all.

  • Homicidios en México y su contraste en EUA, presentación resumida.
  • La huella de las Armas de Fuego en México y su contraste en EUA,  presentación resumida.
  • Mapa de las 20 causas principales de defunción 2014 y su contraste en EUA.
  • Tasa de mortalidad como riesgo (simulador para la prevención)
  • Ranking México vs EUA principales causas de mortalidad.
  • Mapas comparativos México y EUA.
  • Enfermedades del Corazón y su contraste en EUA (análisis con anotaciones y tablero interactivo)
  • Hipertensión y su contraste en EUA (análisis con anotaciones y tablero interactivo)
  • Diabetes Mellitus (análisis con anotaciones y tablero interactivo)

Plus, Pilot WordPress blog featuring Pokèmon Go! content.

Contact: Adrian Alvarez, CEO, Skills-Depot

Mexico’s fine-crafts: A Shopify enabled ecommerce website

December 2015 – June 2016.

Managed site development project, created all written original content and did all product photography for this fine-crafts portal under the “Xe” registered (IMPI) brand. Also managed the legal counselling project for trade and privacy regulatory compliace, plus brand registration, and the credit card and billing functionality, as part of a 3 specialists team. Developed sales & marketing plan with incentives and delivered a distributors sales management platform based on the same Shopify portal.

Site under the domain and the Xe brand, operated, sold and delivered goods until june when site was shut-down and business transferred to a different company.

Product photography can be seen here. All works are the intellectual property of Skills-Depot and this link is provided only for portfolio purposes and implies no license nor authorisation for any use or referal.

Contact: Adrian Alvarez, CEO, Skills-Depot

Meditation: becoming the change you want to see

September 2015 – July 2016.

Check out at Medium Publication ¡Medita Esto! (Spanish) and selected articles re-published in my LinkedIn blog . Articles deal with Vipassana Meditation and Mindfulness. Publications were part of  a Midfulness Coaching service for Skills-Depot firm, targeting Mexico’s corporate audiences.

Contact: Adrian Alvarez, CEO, Skills-Depot

Public Health: Mexico’s obesity and diabetes pandemia

January-June 2015.

View Blog at Medium and magazine at Flipboard. “Tu|Más”: everyday activism, has primarily dealt with our Mexican 73% plus prevalence overweight and obesity pandemia.

Contact: Adrian Alvarez, CEO, Skills-Depot


Swatch Mexico 2015 kick off 

December 2014.

View the magazine describing the off-city integration event, my keynote speaker subjects and dragon boats competition organising at Valle de Bravo lake. Mexico, prepared for Swatch’s FY2015 kick-off.

“El Delirio” Flipboard Magazine

September – December 2014

View the magazine‘s pilot run articles for Chef Monica Patiño’s signature Deli in trendy Colonia Roma, México DF.

Fundación Melipona Maya

January 2014

Editor in charge of the Foundation’s gazette first edition (“Abeja de Papel” in English, Spanish and Maya). Team member generating its content (interviews and editorials).
Team: Stephane Palmieri (Fundacion CEO & contact), Fili Balam, Germán Montufar.

September 2013 – November 2013

Designed marketing LOB messaging and service launch letter for this 20,000+ visits/month well positioned (USA, Can, Europe) Hospitality industry Tulum based reservations website, to become a marketing media as well. Was an editor for their articles content, producing the Catrina series ( or (, and performed a review of their earlier website content, pinpointing editorial improvements needed (to be implemented).

Contact: Antonio Lira (COO

Indigena Maya Ecotours (Social Media Presence)

October 2013 – November 2013

Created company FB page, Twitter and Pinterest accounts, produced content (read specially: and in depth articles and took photos, gathering the full spectrum of guide-owner Pastor Caamal’s Maya authentic ecotourism portfolio. Designed e.campaign as well.

Creative businesses storytelling – Gorila Production house

October 2013

Series of CEO, Alfonso Garrido, interviews to determine key messaging, core beliefs and values and produce an aspirational communicating article intended to draw creative independent professionals and artists to collaborate in a Residency programme with Gorila Films.

Holistika (Tulum) – Wellness

October 2013

Wrote and photographed Interview and services portfolio for high-end Wellness + Real State business Holistika, in Tulum.( Contact: Monica King.

Tulum Wedding Photography

September 2012 – November 2013

Wrote a series of 20+ blog posts of wedding photo shoots in an engaging, soul-reaching and meaningful way, appealing and memory-creating for renowned Diego Muñoz’ Tulum Wedding Photography business blog. (see blog entries sep 3, 2012 thru Nov 19, 2013). Contact: Diego Muñoz.

Superfly Magazine (Tulum)

September 2013

Editorial articles review and Spanish to English translation services for Superfly Magazine’s No. 5 – first English edition -.
Contact: Alejandro Gutiérrez – Editor -Owner.

Gastronomy – reviews with a spin

September 2013 – February 2014

Puro Corazón (Mex-Fussion) -May 2014 (, La Hoja Verde (Vegan) April 2014 (, El Pez (international, fussion) – Sep 2013 (, and other fine dining restaurants review articles centred in their Chef’s personalities, ideas and beliefs in Tulum, Mexico.

Contact: Ixmaná Morán Chef-owner at Puro Corazón, Emer Gannon – Owner at La Hoja Verde (Tulum) and Chef Eric Fischer formerly at El Pez.


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